Kauai Music Festival

“I would like to share some of the comments I received after the recent Kauai Music Festival.

Thank you to all those who attended this creative event”. Chris Birkett

Kaui Music Festival 2012

“Karl & I kept talking about how amazing it was to be around you – not just because of your accomplishments and great songs but because you are genuinely so nice to everyone, fun to hang with, and easy to write well with” Barefoot Bob

“So nice meeting you and hearing your set. I really loved it; super songs AND performances. I’m looking forward to hearing the album–and I’d love to collaborate”Jason Blume

“Meeting you has had the incredible effect to start my music channel flow! Songs are streaming through ( after years of blockage) . I can catch them on my logitech computer microphone Your music IS “Perfect sound.” You are now my new favorite artist.” Karen Tilley

“I really enjoyed hearing you perform during the KMF and your workshop. I learned a lot. I think it will be really cool to see you at KMF every year from now on” Tyler Matl

“Your class was awesome. For the benefit of humanity, do it more and more.You have the natural gift to actually activate and unlock the blocked music channel within certain people. (the Cosmic Ray people?!)” Karen Tilley

“Hana hou Chris! Indeed…you were a breath of fresh air at KMF and I’m very glad I connected with you Thank you kindly for your encouragement and support. My light & love to your already awesome music. Aloha Nui” Brad Stock

“Thank you so much for taking time to talk to me. It was really great meeting you. I’m looking forward to seeing you again within the next couple of days. I really liked what you said about being true to yourself and your music.” Cameron Williamson

“So great to hear that you inspired so many people! And I must agree, you are very inspirational! It would be a joy to work with you” Annie Dingwall

“Your music at the concert was totally unexpected. You rocked. Very good. I was in the front row calling for a “Hana hou.” Thank God the music was not too loud. Wonderful.Your group was definitely one of the high lights for me, along with Makana and voice teacher Dolly Kanekuni. How could you even doubt. You succeed by reaching for the unreachable.” Vigil Alkana

“It was a pleasure attending your seminar. I enjoyed your unique insights and gentle approach. It was my first time at KMF, and I was really inspired to try my hand at songwriting.” Ron Jodoin

“Lovely Chris – IMHO you should definitely be one of the featured speakers at the next KMF – there were many very talented instructors there – but there was definitely a more “commercial” leaning to what many of them were all about….have to have the right rhyming structure, have to have nonsense lyrics, have to have this and that to “make it” in “the business” and have your music heard – I was appalled to hear from more than one instructor that you have to “dumb down” your lyrics/music for the general public, they won’t “get it” or “understand it” – what a pity that this is coming from the “mover and shakers” in the music industry. I think it was very important to hear from both you and Makana a different voice about not losing the integrity and soul of creativity – I too feel that songwriters should write from their hearts and spirits and continue to make art – not try to fit the mold of a very small few who control the airways (which is changing at lightning speed with Internet) As we witnessed by our stuff being picked up by a radio station in the Netherlands!!! We have tried numerous times to get airplay from Ron Wiley onKauai – and not even a response or sorry not our style – what happened to Aloha?He NEVER bothered once to respond to my emails! – but one email to someone we didn’t even know in the Netherlands and he was very thrilled to have our music!

If the Beatles, Donavan, Dylan, Buffy and the list goes on had listened to the “mover and shakers”, – well – just think of the incredible music the world would have missed out on.So rock’on Mr. Birkett – I am happy that you are here with us on Kauai and thank you from the bottom of my heart for continuing to support and encourage ourmusic making – collaborating with you these past couple of years has taken us tofun new places and we can’t wait to share the new music with the planet”! Lynn Taylor

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