Music Production

600,000 Copies of the ENSIGN Single Nothing Compares 2 U 1990

2020 has some new record production.  I just returned from Finland where I recorded a contemporary artist GEA, Laura Avonius.  She will coming to Toronto in April.  I am also looking forward to producing David Moses from ELMNT.FM 106.5.  Lots of great projects coming…










On the Island of Montserrat, producing an album for UK Punk star John Otway, at the mansion of George Martin (The 5th Beatle)

Chris Birkett’s Productions have sold more than $100 million worth of music

11_chrisRecording Sinéad O’Connor’s breakthrough hit was easy in some ways, but difficult in others — for example, all compression was forbidden…Chris Birkett

Nothing Compares To You‘ Sinéad O’Connor

Chateau Richard Studio

Ali and Chris in Paris studioChris Birkett strongly believes in allowing artists to express themselves creatively, with as little influence from the producer and engineers, as possible, during the recording process.
He also sees the vocals as the most important part of any singer’s album.

Me and Steve Earle at Massey Hall, Toronto small

Me & Steve Earle at Massey Hall, Toronto

An artist, himself, he is sensitive to the vision his clients share with him about their projects….working dilligently to ensure success.

Chris has received numerous awards for his work overseas including two AMPEX golden reel awards for English artists ‘Five Star’ and South African group ‘Mango Groove’.

Studio Work station

Artists Sinead O’Connor and Buffy Sainte Marie received the highest industry recognition for albums Chris produced – a Grammy for Sinead’s – “I do not want what I haven’t got” and a Juno in Canada for Buffy’s 2009 CD, “Running for the

In 2006, Chris recorded/Produced an album with Etran Finatawa at his studio in Bordeaux, South West France for “World Music Network” and it was voted “Best World Music album 2006” in Songlines magazine and by the BBC.

Angel studios 2As either a producer, sound engineer or in mixing the final product, Chris Birkett is integrally involved in the production of his client’s music.

He also plays a variety of instruments and sings backing vocals on many of the recordings he produces.

Among the many artists he has worked with, below, are but a few.

Buffy Sainte-Marie

Mel Brooks

Steve Earle & The Pogues – Recording of ‘Johnny Come Lately’

Sinead O’Connor

Bob Geldoff

Alison Moyet

Dexys Midnight Runners

Talking Heads

The Pogues

Siedah Garrett

Ali Amran in Studio

Alain Chamfort

René Lacaille

Talitha Mac Kenzie

The Proclaimers

David Hyke…etc…