Indie 2015

“Seeing Chris work the studio is unlike anything else. Almost an extension of his body, he swiftly navigates his way around the recording studio. A great ear with countless ideas to add. I’d highly recommend him as a teacher, producer or cowriter of any product.”
Tom & Will – Belvue Australia

“The 2015 edition of IndieWeek was a truly spectacular event from the Launch party to closing ceremony. Aside from playing for our third straight year of IW we took in some of the panels. The “Across the Pond” panel run by Chris Birkett was the one Blackdog Ballroom anticipated the most and it did not disappoint!! It was an extremely informative accessible panel. It reaffirmed strategies already in place and opened our eyes to some very valuable new angles on reaching the UK market. All the panelists were very approachable, honest and forthcoming in their perspective with relevant answers to everyone’s questions. We made some quality connections and new friends. It was certainly a highlight of our time at IndieWeek 2015.”
Michael Stanfield – Blackdog Ballroom

“I Learned so much from Chris Birkett’s production workshop in Toronto. Thanks again for your tricks of the trade, Chris!”
Gretchen E. Pleuss

“Chris’s workshop was a lot of fun, easy going and highly educational. He is a brilliant engineer, musician and an all around great guy. Thanks for a great day in your studio, Chris!”
Ryan Abramowitz – Drummer, The Unchained

“Chris is an enlightening teacher. He provides clear technical instruction, leaves no questions unanswered, and generously shares his valuable insights and anecdotes on creativity, intuition, and his personal approach to production – An informative and inspiring experience.”
Japeth Ryan Maw – Record Producer

“During Indie Week 2015 in Toronto recently, I had the good fortune of attending a “Producers’ Master Class” hosted by internationally-known singer/songwriter Chris Birkett. The experience was a pure delight and met all of my expectations.
This interactive workshop allowed participants the opportunity to ask questions on any aspect of producing, while Chris led the eager group through his well-honed approach on:
Input: Mic selection, mic placement, pickup pattern selection, pros/cons of multiple mic’ing
Dynamics processing: compression/limiting/gating
The recording process: coaching the talent, creating the monitor mix, capturing the performance, maintaining session momentum, engineering best-practices
And basic Pro Tools editing
Drawing on his vast experience, Chris shared many entertaining anecdotes while walking through various pitfalls and successes he had encountered throughout his career; each of his narratives, more engaging than the last, while illustrating the lesson to be learned. I found this approach extremely successful as everyone in attendance were riveted.
As a producer myself, I was more than pleased to come away with several tips and tricks that I plan to use in my sessions going forward. When asked if I would attend another session taught by Chris in the future, I responded “In a heart beat”.”
Darren Akai – Singer, Songwriter and Record Producer